ONE Investment offer updates and continuing education using various communication channels such as webinars and podcasts.  

Each webinar is under one hour in length and includes a combination of instruction and opportunities to get your questions answered. Sample topics include:

  • About the bond market
  • Principal Protected Notes
  • How to use the ONE Investment portal
  • New councillor training


Philosophy, Process and Performance of ONE’s Fixed Income Portfolios – Fall 2021 (New) 

This session features a panel discussion with MFS's Canadian Fixed Income Team discussing the philosophy, process, and performance of ONE's Fixed Income Portfolios. Learn why the Canadian economic backdrop continued to be tied to the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic. What position is taken by the investment industry experts in the current interest rate environment? What are the techniques and overall strategy used to maintain the appropriate level of risk and return within these portfolios. Nov. 24, 2021

Philosophy, Process and Performance of ONE’s Equity Portfolio – Fall 2021 (New)

This session features a panel discussion with Guardian Capital Team discussing the philosophy, process, ESG integration in ONE’s Equity Portfolio, followed by a discussion of market trends and significant transactions impacting the portfolio's performance. Learn how equity investment experts position the portfolio in the current environment with continued uncertainty about the timing and pace of the recovery. Nov. 23, 2021

ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance

The webinar is structured to help investors gain a basic understanding of Environmental, Social, and Governance principles and how ONE’s Portfolio Manager’s incorporate the concepts of Responsible Investing into their Portfolio Management due diligence processes. May 18, 2021

Return Calculations on Investments

In this webinar, James Giles (CPA, CFA) presents how investors can calculate return on their investments with two basic performance methods: the Time-Weighted Return (TWR) and Dollar (Money) Weighted Return (DWR). What is the difference between the two methods, and which method should you monitor for what purpose? Further, learn how to evaluate positive or negative investment decisions and track your portfolio's performance. November 2, 2020

Equity Market Outlook and ONE's Portfolio Update – Fall 2020

The Guardian Capital Team discusses the performance and positioning of ONE's Equity Portfolio in the current market condition. Learn about equity market trends since the initial wave of COVID-19, and how economic recovery looks like going forward. December 2, 2020

Canadian Equity Markets

The webinar discusses the ONE Canadian Equity Portfolio, including recent performance, portfolio positioning, and the impact of the global pandemic. April 16, 2020

Canadian Bonds and Money Markets

The webinar discusses the ONE Canadian Government Bond Portfolio, ONE Canadian Corporate Bond Portfolio and ONE Money Market Portfolio. April 15, 2020


ONE Investment Webinar

For 25 years, ONE Investment has partnered with financial service providers to offer the municipal sector with turnkey investment solutions that are fully compliant with the Municipal Act.  June 18, 2019. In this video, you will learn about ONE’s structure and investment offering details under the Legal List and Prudent Investor.

Are PPNs right for your municipality?

Check out our most recent webinar on the subject of Principal Protected Notes.