ONE Investment Webinar: Equity investing – a lower risk approach

December 04, 2023 • Equity Portfolio

It’s municipal budget time and many of you focused on your 2024 finances, and making every dollar count is important. Over the long term, the growth from equity investments can help fund capital projects and municipal needs.

Learn how to:

  • Manage risk and improve returns over the longer term: include equity investments as part of your municipal portfolio via ONE Investment
  • Showcase the targeted risk approach of the portfolio: resulting in better returns for the portfolio vs. legal list investments
  • Participate in an active management and stock selection: a targeted risk approach to equity investing remains relevant in adapting to the current economic environment


Brian Holland
Senior Vice President, Client Service
Guardian Capital LP

Keith Taylor
Chief Investment Officer
ONE Investment

Steven Goth
Vice President, Client Service
Guardian Capital LP

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