ONE Investment offer updates and continuing education using various communication channels such as webinars and podcasts. 

ONE Investment podcasts feature updates and insights that provide municipal finance staff up to date, topical information on financial markets, ONE Investment Updates as well as municipal investing.  

Main Street to Bay Street: Fixed Income Investing and Changing Interest Rates (NEW)
In 2021, the fixed income returns are depressed by a low-interest rate environment. A modest rise in rates may have a small impact on total returns post-pandemic, but what is the optimal fixed income strategy during this time? How can investors position their portfolios in response to the rate changes, and where is the edge when it comes to investing for the long term? Find answers to these questions from ONE's Chief Investment Officer Keith Taylor and Client Services Rep Wardah Mir.


Main Street to Bay Street: Cash Flow Planning in Uncertain Times
Asset management planning, cash flow and investing are all linked. In the second episode of ONE's new podcast - Main Street to Bay Street – ONE’s Client Service Representative Wardah Mir is joined by her colleagues on the Investment Advisory Services team to discuss how to navigate planning and investing even in uncertain waters. Guests are Chief Investment Officer Keith Taylor and Colin McDonald, Manager of Investment Services for ONE/Municipal Finance Officers Association.


Main Street to Bay Street: Talking Prudent with the Town of Bracebridge 
Wardah Mir, Client Service Representative from ONE Investment, hosts the first ever episode of ONE's new podcast - Main Street to Bay Street. Her guests are Graydon Smith, Mayor, Town of Bracebridge, and Stephen Rettie, Director of Finance/Treasurer, Town of Bracebridge. They discuss Bracebridge's decision to join ONE Investment’s Joint Investment Board – the first of its kind in Ontario. The Joint Investment Board ushers in a new era for municipalities who want to build more diverse investment portfolios that lead to stronger communities.