ONE Investment Basics and Beyond: Milton virtual

Event Date
April 23, 2024 - 9:00 AM (EDT) to 2:30 PM (EDT)

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Why do municipalities need to invest?  This course will provide an overview of eligible avenues for Municipal Investing under both the Legal List and Prudent Investor standards in the Municipal Act. Information on managing investment risk, the different investment asset classes, and coordinating the term of the investments to municipal cash need will also be discussed. This introductory course is suited to Treasurers and municipal staff involved in the management of cash flow, reserve funds, investments and long term financial planning. It will also be relevant for anybody wishing to understand municipal investing and applicable legislation.

Each session will include:

  • Review and commentary of the Municipal Act investment regulation
  • Discussion of current municipal finance issues & legislative changes
  • Overview of investment options available to the sector
  • Investment risk management principles
  • Investments and their link to your evolving asset management plan
  • Strategies for cash-flow forecasting
  • Overview of the ONE Investment: 
    - S. 418 Prescribed Investments (Legal List)
    - S. 418.1 Prudent Investor