Responsible Investing at ONE Investment

ONE Investment shares the municipal sector’s commitment to investing public dollars in a way that meets high ethical standards, sustains our planet, and supports a more equitable society. This approach is called ESG investing because of its focus on environmental, social and governance matters. 

Increasingly, investment managers look at these factors holistically. This means they evaluate environmental measures, like carbon footprint, in tandem with social factors such as diversity, equity and inclusion, and strong board accountability and oversight.

All of ONE Investment’s managers have committed to adhering to the United Nations’ Principles of Responsible Investing. Each manager uses an approach that factors in social, and governance risks into the valuation of a security. As well, our equity managers practice active ownership, meaning they regularly engage with management of the companies they invest in to encourage sustainable practices.

ONE Investment is engaging with both our investment managers and our clients on their needs and expectations around responsible investing. Our aim is to develop a strategy that ensures we provide clients with information that gives them confidence that ONE Investment’s products are managed responsibly on ESG measures. ONE expects to begin rolling out this strategy in late 2022.

Environmental, Social & Governance
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