ONE Investment Goes Global

September 29, 2020

Prudent Investor opens up global markets to municipal investors. The ONE Investment Joint Investment Board has selected two new investment managers to provide this global exposure for municipal investors: 

•    The ONE Investment Global Equity Fund invests in units of Mawer Investment Management’s Global Equity Strategy pooled fund. Mawer uses fundamental analysis to select equities that offer value and growth. Their approach is best summarized as “good business, good management and good price.” They offer broad diversification and up to 20% exposure to emerging markets. They prioritize social responsibility and require an environmental, social and governance (ESG) review before making any investment. Overall, their risk profile and careful, thorough approach to investing are a good match for municipal investors. 

•    The ONE Investment Global Bond Fund invests in units of Manulife Asset Management’s Strategic Fixed Income pooled fund. The fund has a long track-record demonstrating excellent returns and a strong team. With a low correlation to Canadian government bonds, the product is particularly good for diversifying ONE’s fixed income offerings. 

Prudent Investor
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